Things we like

Google host new ‘teach your parents to use a computer’ website

Google have put up a website where you can send 'care packages' to an email address, showing them how to do things like copy & paste, resize pictures, attach files to emails and so on - pretty handy in this holiday season!

Lego RC “MetalSlug” tank

An awesome Lego RC tank...

Improving Reality, AR style…

Software isolates and removes objects from live video footage - impressive tech demo!

Transitioning to the Cloud with Microsoft

Read Kris' thoughts on the recent Microsoft partner event in London...

Sony Ericsson LiveView puts a baby phone screen on your wrist

Translucent touch-screens, hoverboards and wristwatch computers; probably the three indicators I need to see to make me feel I'm actually in the future! Sony aim to appease one of my criteria with their new LiveView device, a wrist based device that links via Bluetooth to your Android based phone...

Preparing for Sundown 2010

Sundown is a UK Demoparty held in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. Ruairi's the main man behind it, so we've been preparing ourselves for this year's setup.

Every year, we transform the hall with projectors, lighting, sound, wireless and wired networking with internet access and power facilities for the attendants.

Pete Molyneux demos Milo, using Xbox 360 Kinect

The latest public showing of Milo, the virtual boy and environment where you interact via Kinect. Less impressive than the previous 'Clare' demo, but at least this appears to be based on actual code...

Bing Maps – augmented reality

Check out what microsoft are planning for the new bing maps platform: