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Hands on with the BBC Micro-bit (MozFest15)

Hands on with the BBC Micro-bit (MozFest15)

So it was my first time at MozFest this year and it certainly lived up to the hype. It’s one of the most random conferences i’ve attended – it definitely has a festival vibe about it – organised chaos and lots of distractions everywhere! Anyway I digress…  the awesome Spencer Marsden from BBC A/V was...
NASA SpaceApps 2015 - Visualising the International Space Station

NASA SpaceApps 2015 – Visualising the International Space Station

This year's Space Apps Hackathon saw me (Kris Sum) teaming up with Jon Day (ex-SwitchSystems staff), Jamie Reynolds (BelieveIn Design) and Boris Tane (Engineering student).
Code Club at Exeter Library

Code Club at Exeter Library

* image from TheExeterBlog Earlier on in the summer, Simon Belshaw of Exeter Library contacted me to ask if i would be able to help organise a CodeClub. Code Club is a a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children. I’m a big advocate of promoting STEM subjects, so how could I...
Sundown 2014 - Postmortem

Sundown 2014 – Postmortem

For 3 days in June, we helped to run Sundown (DemoScene Party) down in sunny Budleigh Salterton. We’ve been doing this for a number of years now in conjunection with Ruairi Fullum (@rc55), Dan Barber (@danbee) and other helpers (Waffle, Ziphoid to name but two). This year was absolutely spot on, the atmosphere was buzzing...
The Great Gorillas are here!

The Great Gorillas are here!

Look what turned up outside our office in southernhay! Find out more about the Great Gorillas project at

Kris’ favourite android apps and games

Kris shows us his current favourite apps and games for android
Stanton SCS.4DJ update released!

Stanton SCS.4DJ update released!

Stanton have just released an update to the SCS.4DJ, we take a look at the update and find out what's gone on under the hood.

Youtube: one hour per second

Youtube have an awesome series of infographics based on the fact that "every second, one hour of video is uploaded to youtube".

bbc weather website beta

The new website for the bbc weather service is shaping up quite nicely

Microsoft Productivity Future Vision 2011

Microsoft have done another 'vision' video, this is thier 2011 future vision of office productivity. Some nice concepts.

Teach your kids to code using Codecademy

Codecademy is a new website which teaches basic programming concepts in a nice easy to use website. I imagine that they plan to add extra (more complex) courses over time, hopefully it will take off!

First look at Windows 8

Ars Technica has a first look at Windows 8, with it’s Metro (Windows Phone 7) touch interface. Whilst I appreciate what Microsoft are doing, and it’s great for tablets and other touch based devices, I can’t see this bringing any benefits to the vast majority of office based workers who spend 90% of their time...