We’re seeing a lot of .zip file attachment spam at the moment, so here’s a quick method to send those mails straight to your junk folder. I prefer this method instead of rejecting, as sometimes people really do need to send us zips!

For Exchange2010 Hub Transports:

Traditionally I guess you’d use a filter on an Edge Transport server, but If you’re running Exchange 2010 as a HUB/MAILBOX server and don’t have an Edge Transport role (like us) there is a way:

  1. Expand EMC to Organisation->Hub Transport
  2. Go to Transport Rules
  3. Right Click , select ‘Add new transport rule’
    1. Name the rule something like “Mark zip files as spam”
    2. Conditions: Select “when any attachment file name matches text patterns”
      type in “.zip” as the pattern
    3. Actions: Select “set the spam confidence level to value”
      type in “7” as the level.

And that’s it!