Whilst I get a little down time this bank holiday weekend, i thought i’d compile a list of my favourite android apps and games whilst I contemplate whether I should put Android back on my Nexus 7 (it’s currently running Ubuntu)…

My Favourite Android Games:

Splice (£)


I’m in love with this game’s UI, asthetic design and it’s gorgeous music. It’s a puzzle game where you splice molecules together to match a blueprint, and you have a fixed number of splices to do it in. Starts of easy, then it can get seriously head scratching!

Splice on Google Play

Sword and Sworcery EP (£)


If you haven’t heard of this game by now, where have you been! This adventure game (which first debuted on iOS and became available on android late last year) has amazing graphical and musical stylings, is well written and has decent gameplay. If only all adventure games were this good. We need a sequel!

S&S:EPon Google Play

Super Hexagon (£)


An android port of the popular SuperHexagon game, in which the aim is to survive for more than 60 seconds! Instantly infuriating in a “must try harder, again” fashion. Great mini time waster.

Super Hexagon on Google Play

My Favourite Android Utilities:


Multi-platform Twitter Client

I use tweetdeck at work, so it makes sense to have it for android too! This app makes it easy to track subjects via keyword matching and filtering, or streams of individual people / lists. Oh, and it works for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.

TweetDeck on Google Play

Google Keep

Note taking application

I love the desktop widget for this one, and also the novel-but-not-quite-useful-yet “speech-to-text” note taking. I’m not an Evernote user (up until now i’ve used ColorNote), so Google Keep fits with me fairly nicely.

Keep on Google Play

Battery Widget Reborn

Awesome notification area battery widget

Not only does this widget and app have a beautiful UI (daydream enabled), it can be accessed via the android 4.2 notifiaction area, and it also has an automatic ‘night mode’ scheduler which turns off data/sync at night.

Battery Widget Reborn (beta) on Google Play

PowerAmp (£)

Music Player

Simply the best music player on android. I’ve tried lots, but poweramp has *everything* i need, including bluetooth auto-resume, headphone jack insertion auto-resume, folder and playlist based playback, EQs, and a great UI.

PowerAmp on Google Play

ES File Explorer

File / Application management

The best file browser out there (for mobiles). If you’re on a tablet, then there are probably nicer dual-pane ones out there, but ES File Explorer can not only browse your local device, but it can browse windows SMB file shares, services like DropBox, FTP, plus you can browse another device’s filesystem over bluetooth!

ES File Explorer on Google Play


File space analyser

This gives you a full picture of the storage space on your android device, with a quick delete option to free up space fast.

Disk Usage on Google Play

SMS Popup

Modal window popup for text messages

Remember on non smart-phones when you used to get a big message come up when you receive a text? Android doesn’t do this, instead it uses the notifiaction area to display an incoming text – which I can’t really read at a glance. SMS Popup puts a popup on your screen to show you when you receive a text (optionally showing you the content), and also has a handy ‘notify again in X minutes’ feature, in case you don’t see/hear it the first time.

SMS Popup on Google Play

Cryptfs Password

Encryption password changer [ROOT required]

As it’s our company policy to encrypt mobile devices and laptops, my mobile has it’s entire filesystem encrypted. In android, the decision was made to tie this to the device’s pin unlock code to avoid confusing the end user. Since most peoples pins aren’t longer than 4 numbers, this doesn’t really add much protection to the filesystem encryption as it would be easy to brute force. This utility allows you to set a seperate filesystem encryption password, un-coupling it from your PIN code.

CryptFS on Google Play