As a little balance to all the technology I thought I’d share another little bit of re-purposing.

Never the one to throw anything away, an old rug that time and a house rabbit had rendered ‘unsalvageable’  is now providing quick-change, and highly elegant, pads for some very lucky chickens.

Here’s how a 2-day old coop typically looks:

Yes, thats what you think it is

Yes, thats what you think it is

Give that a wash out, trying all the time to keep the birds out of the bin bag:


Cut to size (I did these all in one go), and voila – super insulating, quick to change out and just the right amount of posh:

Love what you've done with the wood panelng

Love what you’ve done with the wood paneling

And the hens are…


“Where’s the chandelier?”

“It’s been ordered, it’s coming.”

“And the Chesterfield?”

“We’ve discussed this, there isn’t room…”

Perches it’ll have to be then: