You may remember that Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2012 solution does not include the Microsoft Exchange email server, so for many of our clients who already have SBS 2003 / 2007, their upgrade path is effectively blocked at using Small Business Server 2011 (the last edition to include Exchange).

Why no Exchange?

Microsoft wants you to use their “cloud” offerings, specifically their internet hosted exchange service, on a monthly subscription (per user) basis.

Don’t get me wrong, we like “the cloud” (getting bored of that term yet?), but with internet connections in Devon & Cornwall being what they are (some areas barely getting 1mbit), internet hosted Exchange doesn’t make sense, especially in situations when a lot of email traffic is internal.

So what do we do?

I made a quick infographic* of the options for Small Business Server going forward:


Now here’s the annoying bit: Small Business Server 2011 is not going to be available at retail after June 30th this year, and then we’ll be at the mercy of OEMs who can then pull it at any point before December 31st. We are recommending that people plan to upgrade now, as soon the only upgrade paths will be ones which may be several times more expensive than it has been before.

Not sure if you need to upgrade? Contact one of our staff, we’ll be able to help you out.


* Before we start to get comments, this diagram isn’t 100% technically accurate (Domain Controller is a function of windows server, not an ‘additional cost’), remember, it was created to help explain the issues to non-technical people!