Stanton have just released an update to the SCS.4DJ, we take a look at the update and find out what’s gone on under the hood.

The official documentation/forum post states the following changes:

  • BeatGrid editing – The ability to edit a track’s beatgrid in real-time, with both Tap Tempo and “Dial-In-BPM” functionality, for increased Sync and Loop accuracy and stability.
  • 3 Hot cues per deck – Quick access buttons on the home/waveform screens to add and delete Hot cues. Hot cues are remembered through power cycles.
  • Optimized system management – Switching screens is now much faster. Navigating large libraries/playlists is more responsive and precise. Performance gains are seen throughout the system.
  • Loop memory – User-created loops are remembered through power cycles, allowing for more powerful set preparation.
  • Broader device support for smart phones, MP3 players and tablet computers.


  • Headphone Gain Boost now selectable via a menu item.
  • Improved recording to USB media.
  • When a deck is paused, scratch functionality is automatically enabled to provide fine seeking and setting of cue points.

Our tear down:

Extracting the update file, we can see some more detailed information:

  • /etc/ltib-release differences:
    • Release date = Fri Dec 2 19:32:28 2011 UTC
    • Release date = Tue Jun 12 21:17:19 2012 UTC
    • SCM tag = v2.1.0
    • SCM tag = v2.2.1
  • /lib/udev/rules.d/90-libgpod.rules (new file), excepts include fixes for:
    • # iPods showing up as mass storage devices
    • # Some iPod Shuffle (4G) don’t have a partition
    • # “iPods” using the afc protocol (iPhone, iPod Touch, …)
  • /root/bin/ extra code:
    # Boost DDR drive strength
    if test -e /root/bin/fixmem
    	/root/bin/fixmem f2
    f2 references the following memory type “f2: DDR2 (0x1000) (13.4mA)”, so we’re now supplying more power to the DDR2 ram module.

Of course, there are also updates the the DJapp itself, but we won’t be able to determine exactly what they are (except that there are no database changes that we can see – so the extra hot cue and loop information for tracks must be stored in a file somewhere on the device..?)


Afer playing with the update, i’m very impressed with the speed improvements, Browse mode is much more responsive to user input, and the system feels a lot snapper and more responsive in general. 3 hot cues is also a very welcome addition! We have however noted a few little niggles:

  1. Tap-in BPM editing no longer seems to work
  2. Editing the BPM via the jog wheel seems to have been programmed with a bit of short sightedness – the upper BPM limit is 155, which is useless for us drum&bass DJs!