Held at the London Excel, this partner-only event was put on to showcase Microsoft’s cloud services and how people are already using and benefiting from their systems. Kris, Ben and Hannah journeyed up to London to see what all the fuss is about…


Microsoft Partner Business Briefing: Transitioning to the Cloud was held yesterday at London’s ExCel Exhibition and Conference centre. The event was set up to show other Microsoft Business Partners the cloud services that Microsoft provide and how other companies and organisations are using these Microsoft services to their own companies benefit.

Steve Ballmer

SteveBallmer, Microsoft’s CEO gave a very informative speech on the cloud and what it means to Microsoft. After he gave his speech to the audience there was an open Q&A sessions which he personally answered the questions given. Questions came in through texts, twitter and directly from the audience.

Chris Moon gave a very interesting speech on change and how to embrace change. It was an inspiring speech about his experiences and how he dealt with them. It gave the day some variety as he wasn’t talking about any Microsoft products, just about change and how people deal with it.

I think that Microsoft interactive areas that were set up outside of the conference hall could have been better prepared for the number of people at the event. A lot of the areas only had 1 or 2 people at them and I don’t feel this was adequate for the 1000 people that were there. One side of the outside of the conference hall was dedicated to Microsoft products whilst the other side of the conference hall was for businesses that provide cloud solutions. These stands were less busy than the Microsoft ones. The Windows Phone 7 was a good example of the lack of staff manning these. This was by far the most popular interactive area with only one person manning it!

Q&A sessions were a good chance for business partners to direct questions to either companies that use cloud services or to Microsoft speakers about more technical aspects of the services that they provide and use.

Overall I found the day to be interesting and informative. The event was designed in a way that there was very little downtime between speakers which made the event run smoothly and on time. The choice of speakers that Microsoft choose worked well as each of them had a different perspective on Cloud computing and the way that they see it and use it within their businesses. It gave the event a well-rounded feel as there were lots of different opinions, backgrounds and uses. I went away from the day with a clearer understanding of Cloud computing (and a free mug!).