Two interesting announcements continue to further the way we look at our e-mail in-boxes. Firstly, Microsoft’s free e-mail service Hotmail will be offering free Exchange ActiveSync to mobile devices and Google Mail will be rolling out a new feature called Priority Inbox.

So what are these features?

Exchange ActiveSync is a technology that allows e-mail, tasks, contacts and calendars to be consistent between all devices you own, where as previously you may have just used an expensive Exchange solution, or a lesser integrated way to synchronise. By keeping it all in one location, it simplifies things significantly.

Priority Inbox is Google’s way of determining how worthy an item is to be in your Inbox. We all receive Spam, but some of us also opt-in to mailing lists which are useful but often clutter up your Inbox view. The Priority Inbox aims to make it clearly distinct what mailings are high priority based upon your communication patterns in the past.

Both are interesting progressions of the way we e-mail. Personally I think the Priority Inbox will be something inherited by other clients before long…